Tuesday, 18 October 2011

China Glaze Glow In The Dark Polish

For the Halloween season China Glaze have brought out their Halloween collection. One of them polishes being 'Goulish Glow'. This polish can be put either straight onto the nails, or ontop of a nail polish.
When applied the polish goes on clear and unless you tell somebody nobody would know your wearing it. Because it only glows in the dark it uses the light to charge up, so when it gets dark it glows really bright.
This polish was the first to sell out at work, though most of them were bought by staff, rather then customers.

If you are looking for a polish for Halloween this is the one to get. Another way of wearing the polish is this. Put a halloween colour on like green or red or orange, then put the 'Goulish Glow' ontop. To make it extra scary put the China Glaze 'Black Mesh' Crackle Glaze on that. This means that in the dark you should see the polish glowing through the cracks.
The other good thing with it being Halloween is you can try lots of different things, and then put the glow in the dark on top for an added effect.

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