Sunday, 9 October 2011


Hi everyone hope you are all ok. I was given two Gellux Gel Polishes to try from work, so we could see what it is like. Gellux works the same as Gelicure but is a cheaper brand. I was given a Fast Bond primer, a Clear Base/Top Coat and the two colours (Berry Smoothie and Jades A Gem). 
The only worry/concern I had with the Gellux is that the top/base coat is in the same bottle. This means that the base coat is shiny after it is cured, which gives the gel nothing to adhere to. But I needed to try it anyway so I could compare it to the Gelicure I already use.
The Gellux like the Gelicure cures in 2 minutes or 30 seconds in a LED lamp. I chose to do them under my LED lamp which is the same make/brand as the Gellux gels.
After applying the polish I was abit disappointed. The colours were really nice especially the green. Even though you can't see it in the pic it does actually have a slight glitter effect to it. Though saying that you have to look really closely to see it once it is applied to the nail.
Also after curing the gel for the recommended 30 seconds I was finding that it wasn't long enough. I ended up curing them for nearly the 2 minutes and still found they weren't quite cured enough, and ended up with the pink and green on my top coat brush.
Saying all that the gel colours did look very good.
The Gellux is meant to be a 14 day manicure. Mine lasted a couple of days, and it started to bubble. I showed a colleague who was also testing the Gellux, who was also having the same trouble. When I took the bubbled gel off the gel layer underneath was still wet and tacky. This meant that it was terrible to get off. I decided that night to take them off and do them again. I mean maybe I got something wrong. I manged to peel the gel off which took me 5/10 minutes if that. Normally you soak them off, which doing it this way did save my remover so that was good. 
I have got to say that even though this brand is cheaper then the Gelicure I thought it would be better then what it was. I will try another day something different and see if that helps keep them on longer. 

Wish me luck!   


I recently got the chance to try again with the Gellux, but this time I would be having the rep from the company put it on me instead. I thought this would be worth a go as maybe it was something I was doing wrong.
The Gellux they put on my nails was 'Spring Green' and was a very khaki green colour.
The gel didn't bubble/peel off or lift in any way. In fact the Gellux was on my nails for about 2 weeks before I thought I should change it. This is when the problem occured. It WOULDN'T come off! It took just over an hour of soaking them in acetone and pure chipping at them to get them off.

What I have found out is with the Gellux you either can't get it to stay on, or you can't get it off!


  1. When removing Gellux, you will need to use their remover which is specifically created for Gellux, and provided that the coats are thin, and you have filed the top layer down then it shouldnt take more then 30min to have them completely removed without damaging the nail plate! thanks

  2. Hi im a nail tech and i use gellux aswell as shellac and red carpet, my clients love gellux and most get 4 weeks, when a gel polish bubbles its normaly because its been applied a bit to thick, try to apply it very lightly and see if that works better,it might mean u need 3 coats instead of the normal 2 but try and see
    Kirsty x

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  4. I am having real issues with removal it took me 1 hour to remove. My client had these on for 4 weeks, and it proved a nightmare to get off.
    Then two clients came back with issues with bubbles/ on three fingers one had Oriental Poppy and the other Marshmallow.
    I spent 3.5 hours trying to rectify 6 fingers and i have no idea what went wrong.
    I cleaned and tidyed the nail plate, i used different base coats, i just dont understand why i had what looked like little pimples and i am nut sure if it occured with the fast bond? or the Base coats but it has really knocked my confidence.
    I have completed Manicure & Pedicure and also Gellux training.
    All my products are Gellux official. I am now really nervous of using again. I have bought the Gellux lamp, but do use an ordianry desk lamp to work with on the desk, could this be the cause?
    Please help me as i feel like i could cry today.

  5. Hi, I recently started using Gellux, at first on myself with a bit of trial and error, and eventually on my clients. I was having issues with it peeling, which I think was because it wasn't curing properly. I've found that the key is very thin coats, cure each coat for 60 seconds (LED) and avoid using prepwipe inbetween coats, otherwise the layer above won't bond to the layer beneath. If you are forced to use prep between layers, buff the shine off before continuing. Also be sure to wrap around /over the free edge of the nail with each coat to avoid lifting. I also find that using the Gellux fast bond really makes a positive difference.
    By doing all of this I find that my clients usually get at least 2 weeks wear, some 3 to 4. To remove, a combo of buffing down to the colour and soaking for 15 mins seems to always work for me, stubborn glitters might need this process twice. Hope this helps!