Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Crackle Glaze By China Glaze

I love the colours in the China Glaze Crackle range. I have so far purchased 6 of the 12 or so colours that are available in the Crackle Glaze range. The polishes in the picture are: Broken Hearted (pink), Crushed Candy (teal green), Lightning Bolt (white), Black Mesh (black), Platinum Pieces (silver), and Fault Line (purple). Other colours are available.
The crackle effect is so easy to create and can be done in the matter of a few easy steps. All you need to do apply a base colour. This can be any make and any colour, as long as you don't choose the same colour as the Crackle Glaze you want to put on top. Once that colour has dried you apply the crackle.
The way the polish cracks depends on how it is applied, which makes it unique and fun. If you apply the polish to the nail thinly then the cracks will be small and there will be lots of them. If you apply the polish thicker then the cracks will be bigger and there will be less of them. Also depending on what direction you paint the polish onto the nail, will depend on which way the cracks will go.
Once the Crackle Glaze has dried a topcoat needs to be applied to help the polish stay on longer, and give it a shine.
I am really liking these at the minute and they look great on your toes as well as fingers. They also last longer on the toes.
The crackle effect would also look good during Halloween, especially with the Glow in the dark under the crackle glaze. 

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