Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Gelicure Sparkler

I got 5 of the 12 new Gelicure glitter colours today, and have been so excited about trying them.
I decided for my first set I was going to use the 'Sparkler' gel polish, but thought I would make it a little bit different by trying the current trend of doing your ring fingers a different colour to the rest. I thought I would put the 'Sparkler' on the ring fingers with 'Magenta Fire Flower' on the others.
The new Gelicure glitters are really good either on their own, or you could put a colour underneath to give the colour more depth. With the 'Sparkler' I chose to use 'Gelicure White', and 'Gelicure Bois De Rose' under the 'Magenta Fire Flower.
The glitter gel needed about 3 coats on each nail, and I did find that sometimes when I paint the polish on it takes some of the glitter off so alot of patience was needed.
The end result was a lovely shiny and glittery colour. The 'Sparkler' gel shows up really nicely as it has both small and big glitter in it, as you may be able to see in the picture. It is so easy with these colours to be able to create stunning nails, that will get alot of attention.

The new glitter gels all cure in the same amount of time as the previous colours, and still have the same effect. They are the same price (and in my opinion) the same quality as the other colours they have in the Gelicure range. I think that after trying these I am going to have to invest in the other colours, as I know that my friends are going to want these doing ready for christmas! The fact aswell that these last up to 3 weeks is just an added bonus really.

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